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Suspend Junior

Spinner, stand (4 pieces), 25 twisty play pieces.

Fee: € 0.00 for 21 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Melissa & Doug

A version of the blockbuster balance game suitable for younger kids, with brighter colours, lighter pieces, and a brand-new spinner.

Game play is easy: Simply set up the frame, spin the spinner, and balance the color-coded pieces to create an incredible hanging structure. Race against your opponents to be the first to run out of pieces-but watch out: One wrong move and the whole structure could fall! This thrilling game is perfect for young players-there is no reading required, and the skills to succeed grow with every game. Kids learn how to balance and counterbalance, take smart risks, and foresee consequences, all the while having lots of fun!

Suitable for ages 4-7

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