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Games Compendium

1 x Old MacDonald Game board
1 x Jungle Snakes & Ladders board
4 x Red Dog Colour Game boards
28 x Monster Dominoes
24 x coloured discs
4 x coloured playing pieces
1 x number dice
1 x colour spot dice
***white number dice included instead of red as pictured on box***

Fee: € 0.00 for 21 days

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Orchard Toys

Four fun games based on Orchard Toys favourites: Old MacDonald Game; Monster Dominoes; Red Dog Colour Game; and Jungle Snakes & Ladders.
Encourages children's cognitive skills such as shape and colour recognition, counting skills, and matching and memory skills, as well as their fine motor skills.

Recommended for age 3+

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