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Wooden Post Box With Letters

Post Box with 5 wooden letters
***1 wooden letter missing***

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Not available
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: ELC

ROLE PLAY: Let's play at posting colourful letters at the teddy bear post box. There are five wooden letters that need to be delivered to the post office on time: pick a colour and post it into the post box so the postman can come and pick them up later. Can you name all the colours, there's blue, orange, red, yellow and green to choose from.
BENEFITS AND DEVELOPMENT: Learn about colours, shapes and numbers You can even write out your own real letters and scribbles, put them in real envelopes to post: send a letter to Mum and Dad, and become the postman to empty out the post box and deliver the letters.

Recommended age 12 - 36 months.

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