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Clothe a Caterpillar Game

4x wooden caterpillars
24x wooden shapes ***1 shape missing***
2x dice

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Not available
Condition: B - Fair
Brand: ELC

The ELC Clothe A Caterpillar is an exciting game that helps your little one recognise shapes and colours, whilst encouraging them to use their problem solving skills and hand to eye coordination.Suitable for one to four players, this game is easy to play and will keep young children entertained for hours. It comes with four caterpillar strings, thirty four beads and two dice, one with colours and the other with shapes. The players have to roll both dice and find the right bead that matches the shape and colour, the player then has to thread the bead onto the string. The player who can fill their caterpillar wins.It is also fun to thread the beads to make pretty patterns, outside of the game's rules.

Suitable for ages 3-5

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